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Russian Spetsnaz - Training

- Military Motivation - "All We Do Is Win" (2020)
military motivation music 2020
- good video. crap music. why are you playing american ghetto blm music here?
- I couldn't finish the video due to that 6th grade music
- Respect from Vietnam. Thanks for your country’s great help during Vietnam War!
- Oh yes real man
- Работайте братья
- Is this a military or an act on “Russias Got Talent”?
- Very cool nice, from Malaysia🇲🇾
- Propaganda bs.
- These guys look like they're serious 24/7.
- The song doesn't fit the video at all. It needs some brutal metal kind of beat
- Russian Paratroopers 👍!
- الإنتصار في الحرب العالمية الثالثه القادم ليروسيا في كل الكتب السماوية الانجيل التورات والقران سورة الروم
- Russia👍😎🙏
- Love from india
- Song plzzz??
- The music ruins the vid for me
- Russiani Alfa guruhi juda zo'r
- In Russia, Ground is you
- Maldives never lost a war